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Adélie P. Beaver's family hails from Cape Denison, Antarctica. In 1966, her parents unintentionally hitched a ride on a fishing boat and landed in Alaska, where Adélie hatched in 1967. She moved to North Carolina in 2011, after The New York Times listed Durham alongside the beaches of Mexico and the wilds of Kurdistan as one of "The 41 Places to Go." Since arriving in Durham, she has channeled her love of mud slinging into a career as a potter.

Regarding this year's pageant theme, Adélie proudly notes that it was none other than Penguin Random House that published Ron Chew-Now’s bestseller, Alexander Damilton. Adélie embraces her penguin heritage, and notes that penguins and beavers—indeed, all semi-aquatic terrestrial creatures—share a common bond: whether we’re in water or on land, in the northern hemisphere or the southern, we have but one planet to share, and it’s getting way too hot. From Antarctica to the Arctic and everywhere in between, let’s slap our tails together to fight climate change.

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