Angelina Maria Segarra Rivera aka Bailar Beaver comes from the island of Puerto Rico, a small island colony owned by the United States. Since moving to the to the wetlands of Durham, Bailar settled among a small integrated beaver marsh full of Hispanic beavers from Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina in Ellerbee Creek. They celebrate their heritage, culture and love for Durham with a weekly feast, music, and dancing.

As a past contestant, Bailar Beaver loves being a member of Beaver Lodge Local 1504 and playing with her friends at the Ellerbee Creek Watershed Association. In addition to singing and dancing for you in the meadow at each year, she also enjoys putting her tail to good use. Bailar and her beaver friends raise awareness about living in harmony with our furry, flying, swimming, or human friends. She believes that Durham IS for everyone.  

Bailar Beaver loves many forms of dance, Salsa, Merengue, the Worm, the Bump, and of course, the Coochie Coochie! She would love to do the Coochie Coochie with you. For each vote or donation today, Bailar will dance the Coochie Coochie with you. So come by and say hello to Bailar Beaver

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