Davonne Baryshnikov Nijinsky Coffee House Beaver AKA Ballet Beav got into beaver ballet at age 16 and every summer she would swim up Beava Diva Creek to take damsing classes. During her travels, she would leap out of the creek fur some grand plie rehearsal and fur some coffee from the dumpster of a local gas station. She was told by her ballet beaver master that she had a fierce sass grande plie attitude. When she swam up, all the beavers’ teeth would chatter with anticip…….ation. When she was selected as Prima Beaverina in Beaver Lake, she partnered with her two cups of coffee, Baryshnicoffee and Gnaw-jinsky. Everyone knew she was destined for greatness. She streamed of going to New York to dance with the New York City Beaverellets. After her incredible success, she needed a break from the endless adoration and fame. So Ballet Beav moved back to Durham for her beloved trees and lakes and made a name for herself at the American Beaver Dance Festival. She can still be found toting her beaver damse bag, whipping open doors to make a grand entrance, and ordering 2 cups of coffee as she does her grand plies with the caffeine-fueled sass of a true Biva.

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