Beavel Knievel is a beaver that has swam all up and down the East coast of America, this world’s new nation, to bring you the level of dam that only a fine city like Durham truly deserves. A surprising master of all elements, she uses fire and death defying stunts to show just what beavers do to help keep the ecosystems functioning.

If you think that sounds like something, well, I’m not through yet, Beavel Knievel is also a pioneer of this country, right along side our four fathers but in vertical lodge building and with power that can really rip. She is fierce at top distance speed diving. All stunts are done to spread the word, 1. do not hunt the beaver, 2.keep the waterways clean and 3. For Damelton’s sake stop enjoying the secretions of our butt glands in your food listed as the ingredient “natural flavoring” Here she is dazzling us at the 2019 Beaver Queen Pageant today, Beavel Knievel

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