Now, this was years and years ago...Oh, way back. In one of the southern states, there was a small city called New Beaverfuls. It was a hot, hot place which melted in the shadows of the Hill Country of the Whispering Winds.

Now, the main reason for all this ickyness was the mayor... a mean old grouch of a gal who was known as Beavermeister Meisterbeaver. She may look like a delicious pile of sticks, be assured she is not.

Beavermeister Meisterbeaver hates Texas trees, and they hate her too. She logs for the days of the soft supple trees of North Carolina she’s heard so much about.

Beavermeister’s beaver colony migrated to Texas after inheriting a chain of family friendly gas stations before she was a kit. Years later when she was all grown up the locals forced her to become mayor simply because she was the richest beaver in town.

Well, now back to the trees…The Texas trees are twisted and full of thorns which makes for poor food. Very poor food. Beavermeister Meisterbeaver must rely on Whataburger, brisket and tacos for sustenance, which makes her very grumpy and plump! The poor gal’s mouth always hurts from being stabbed by thorns when she tries to eat these thorny trees.

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