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Born in a humble home of sticks and mud, the glamorous Bevadette Peters has been a star since she was a mere kit. As an up-and-gnawing Beaver, she debuted in the local lodge performance of Into the Woods. From there her career went swimmingly.

Although Bevadette spends much of her time on the Gnawdway stage, staring in hits like “Sunday in the Ellerbe with Beves” or “Hello, Beaver!”, she may be most recognizable for her work with Beve Martin in “The Twerk” and “Peonies from Heaven”.

Occasionally, paparazzi spy BP vacationing in the Eno Riviera, but her heart is in the Ellerbe where her spacious lodge accommodates many of her famous friends – Kermit the Frog, Emmit Otter, and an occasional entourage of muskrats.  Bevadette’s love for other animals shows in her lodge design and landscape architecture that provide habitat and high-end dining for many wetland and woodland creatures.  

Bevadette Peters has all the right stuff to represent the beautiful Ellerbe Creek she calls home, so Castor vote for her early and often.

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