Boy George Beaver, born in Beavertailo Idaho, learned at an early age the art of building dams, swimming, and sharing his love with all critters. The years passed and after traveling place to place, Boy George Beaver moved to Gnaw-th Carolina where he continued to live the green life of "Beaver building dams every where."

Boy Beaver lives by the motto to: "Liv Mer Green. " He believes it is the way of the future, for all living creatures and humans, young and old. Boy Beaver loves our Earth so much, that he joined the Beaver Queen Pageant. Boy wants to help spread the love and joy of being a beaver and to encourage all to live like a beaver. Boy George Beaver hopes to help in some way, to end global warming and to continue with the on going prayers to all of our wildlife friends, who need all of us to preserve our precious Earth.

Boy George Beaver got his start, as a lead swimmer to the Cul-fur Club, when he was influenced by the beaver legends. Twiggy Stardust and Iggy Popular- Tree. It only took a few months on the river when " Beaver Dams," made the hit song on the swim charts for 3 weeks in a row. A year later, the band Cul-fur club broke up, when Boy George Beaver decided to leave the band. Boy George Beaver left because the other band members were more interested in driving cars and polluting the air then “livin mer green”. Despite the giving up on the fame; Boy George Beaver, did not give up hope and music! Boy Beaver still continues swimming into the hearts of all human and animals. Boy still sings his heart out the number one song " Beaver Dams. "

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