Ladies and gentlebeavers, it is my great honor to introduce you to Chester P. Beaverton the Fourth, Esquire, of the Ellerbe P. Beavertons; grandson of Chester P. Beaverton the Second, stick magnate and inventor of Creek brand Beaver Cream: guaranteed to keep your beaver smooth, slick, and tangle free. Famous as Nancy Reagan's favorite Beaver Cream.

While Chester P. Beaverton the Fourth, Esquire, doesn't have much of his grandfather's inventive knowhow, he's widely known as an international playbeaver and has the great distinction of being banned from all Red Roof Inns in perpetuity. He also serves as the official spokesbeaver of Squeaky's Brand Tail Extensions. Get more tail with Squeaky's!

Mr. P. Beaverton the Fourth, Esquire, is a frequent judge at beaver pageants around the world and is excited to lend his broad knowledge of beavers to the home crowd.  Be sure to catch him on next season's Damming with the Stars, it's Chester P. Beaverton the Fourth!  Esquire.

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