Flat Tail Fanny is ready to shake her groove thang all the way to becoming the 2018 Beaver Queen.  

Growing up in a one-room Durham dam on the murky side of the creek has not held this disco beaver back.  Fanny took her full 70's bush and flat tail and booked it outta there at full speed.  Soon after that, Fanny met a friendly trucker named BJ hauling a big load of morning wood.  BJ and Fanny convoyed for years 'til BJ's wood wasn't worth delivering. Lot lizard life wasn't for Fanny so now she's back in Durham and presides in the bottom corner room at the Red Roof Inn.

Flat Tail Fanny is so excited to back in the most funkiest of funky towns.  Whether attending a key party or welcoming college students, Fanny's always psyched out to disco down. In her spare time, Fanny can be found digging through the polyester bin at The Scrap Exchange with dreams of creating the perfect pantsuit. 

If elected, Flat Tail Fanny will tirelessly promote the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. He mantra is "100% full tilt boogie. Can you dig it?".  Please vote hard  and vote often for Fanny.  Winning this coveted award would be a glitter infested groovy trip come true.

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