Careful what you wish for because here comes our next contestant, Genie Tailyah!! This magical beaver can always sense when you want her to come and fulfill your dreams!

As an advocate for body positivity and a lover of wood, she knows the importance of giving a dam and loving yourself. Genie Tailyah believes self-love is where the joy begins but neighbor-love fills that need for a deeper connection.

Genie Tailyah and her furry friends recently lost their home, the Grand Ole Beaver Lodge. Genie Tailyah misses her beaver home, but she knows that if we really believe with our whole wallet— we can make magic happen.

To spell it out; If crowned, Genie Tailyah promises to offer Peace, Uniqueness, Solidarity, Sanctuary, and Yas-queens. She is bursting with excitement to reach out and touch every beaver.

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