Gnawty Beaver claims to be the greatest, the smartest, the youngest, and the gnawtiest…some may even say the handsomest… beaver of them all.

She creeps out into the night and likes to gnaw.

She likes gnawing on plastic, paper, trash, and more.

You should try it some time, she says. You’ll be coming back, for sure.

Gnawty’s been romping all over Ellerbe Creek since she was a kit. So, if  you vote for her, well, she says that would be lit.

Let me tell you of her great win: She won the log gnawing contest when she wasn't much more than ten.

But she’s been getting gnawtier and gnawtier since then.

Fellow beavers always say that she’s not fit to be Beaver Queen. They tell her: “you’re too gnawty, you're too small, you’re too short, and plus you’re just a teen!”

Well, it’s 2019! And times have changed. It’s time for  GNAWTY BEAVER to take the stage! 

Gnawty may be young and she may be slight… But she’s mighty bad, alright.

Gnawty flips her cigarettes butts straight into the river… when she shops at Harris-Teeter she tells them to give her… lots and lots of plastic bags.

She’s gnawty AND she’s also bratty…. She knows if she throws trash on the ground, her Daddy… will come pick it up behind her.

Oh, she’s Gnawty alright... but she’s made a solemn vow to all in the meadow today:

IF she wins the Beaver Queen Pageant, she will change her gnawty way!

Beaver Juvenile Delinquency is real, y’all… but there’s always hope… for even the gnawtiest beaver of them all.

So, do your part to help this wayward Gnawty Beaver get back on the right track. Vote Gnawty Beaver! 


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