Grace comes from the depths of the Okeydokeyhokeypokeyokefenokee swamp. What Grace really wanted to do was sing, but her neighbors plugged their ears to her beaverwauling. She tried singing in several kinds of woodlands, but the denizens always chewed her out for disturbing their peace. Hers was the village of the dammed.

When the mechanical Caterpillars and Bobcats started tearing out the beloved trees which had been home to so many for so long in order to build people-houses, Grace was dislodged and decided to see the world.

Grace found her heart in San Francisco with plenty of creatures howling similarly colorful tunes. From near and far, they gathered in the Golden Gate, though singing of love - not Haight (or Ashbury).  No stick in the mud, Grace proudly bared it all freely, not giving a dam, and the floodplain creatures joined the plentiful multicolored trips. Grace and her companions soon tired of the bee-killing machine creatures and longed for the wide open swamps and woodlands down east. No amount of visits to Marshall Fields stores or Wetlands R Us could quell that need to go home.

Through the chirping of little ones, Gracie and the critters of the floodplain heard T. Jefferson BeaverPond calling “come Eastward - come home.” Though facing some opposition (always a burr in her side), Grace said “Damilton: we’ll have no dueling here!!” The floodplain critters caught the eastward starship, splashing down in TellameFelonyMelodyEllerbee swamp.  Home!! Finally Grace Stick, this child of Okeydokeyhokeypokeyokefenokee from yesteryear,was well and truly home at last.

After everything that Grace Stick and the Jefferson Floodplain have been through, they are dedicated to making sure that everyone has a place to call home. Mechanical worms continue to rip out the homes of woodland creatures and destroy areas where people with no homes have put up shelter. Let’s  repurpose what already exists instead of building structures that hardly anybeaver can afford.

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