Imperial Pale Tail Beerver is a legendary beaver and brew master, who from a young age was making homebrew and helping keep all of Ellerbe hydrated. After many years of study and lots of practice, IPT Beerver has now developed a variety of delicious beverages-- including Pawters, Amber Logers, and Trunk-Aged Sours. Yep, this beaver brews it all! 

When IPT Beerver isn't brewing, you can find them at Beer Study (which if you aren't aware, is a pretty awesome neighborhood bar) playing games in their arcade, devouring a meal from the Boot Room, and sipping on one of the many items they have on tap. Cheers!

Beaver Queen contestants better be careful, because this judge is bitter-ly honest in their critiques! Imperial Pale Tail Beerver has a highly trained palate from years of taste-testing, so they can sense when the flavor has fallen off or if something is funky with the fermentation.

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