Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, what are we going to do with you? Why, elect her Beaver Queen of course! Once upon a time Jackie O! was First Beaver of this great country, and now she wants to be Queen of the wetlands! 

In her job as First Beaver, Jackie O! made sure all visitors to the Big White Lodge in Warshington AC/DC were welcomed with open paws. Jackie O! made sure the wood was plentiful, tasty and so very, very chewy. Later, Jackie O! reinvented herself as the Queen of Wood Etiquette. She believes that when you practice good manners and say nice things, then America stays great and fun for everyone! 

Jackie O! Gnawsis sums up her philosophy as: “It’s nice to be nice –– try it today!”

What does Jackie O! bring to the job of Beaver Queen? Well, for starters, a lot of class, in a good way. She also brings hygeniality, a pill box hat (to keep her pills in), plus a wicked sense of interior decorating and design. “Can we please move that tree a little more to the left? Thank you!” Let’s face it, this place is getting a little shabby and Jackie O! Gnawsis is ready to help lead a much-needed makeover –– so come on, beavers, let’s make this the most welcoming wetlands in all the land!

Because… “It’s nice to be nice –– try it today!”

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