Marcie Paddlepaws is pleased to be competing in this year's pageant.  She likes long walks along the Ellerbe Creek, shallow conversation, and a beaver with balls... especially disco balls and tennis balls!  When out in nature, she doesn't mind getting wet because all it takes is a good shake of her tail to dry off.  

Last year, Marcie had her DNA read by the company 23 and Beav and discovered that the Ruffled Beaver of Ellerbe Creek was her very own great, great, great, great grand paw.  And her ancestors can be traced all of the way back to Newfoundland, Canada, where the family fur came in handy during the long winters.

Marcie loves playing sports and getting exercise.  Actually, you might find her often in Duke Park, enjoying the fresh air and playing with her beaver friends.  That pairs well with her philosophy of life:  everybody loves a fit beaver who is easy to please!  

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