TO BRIBE Tooth Beaver Ginsberg CLICK HERE! 

Please rise for the honorable Associate Justice of the Supreme Creek of the Ellerbe Waters, Tooth Beaver Ginsburg!

If she seems Vaguely Reminiscent to you, it’s because TBG is a long time supporter of the BQP. Now this judge is ready to bring the party and lay down the law! She will tear thru wood, but she doesn’t mince words. Tooth Bader Ginsburg is fighting for equality and all our dam rights. This progressive beaver isn’t afraid to speak the truth and her judgement is as sharp as her teeth! When asked her opinion about the pageant, she responded “If you’re going to change things, you have to be with the people who hold the beavers”.

Tooth Beaver Ginsburg is generally opposed to corruption, but in this case she encourages everyone to cast multiple votes and come bribe the judges!

If you want this beaver’s vote, show her that you, too, believe community is the path to civilized society and that together we can create the best habitat in which to live.

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