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2019 Beaver Queen Pageant: Damilton

Sat June 1st, 2019 | 4:00PM

Duke Park Meadow


The 2019 Beaver Queen Pageant, Damilton, will be held at Duke Park on Saturday, June 1. This fun and creative community event is a fundraiser for the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. Vote early and vote often!

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Special Thanks to Grace's Donors

Day of Meadow Votes
The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe
Katherine Moses
Tails and Tiaras Votes
Steve Humphrey
Rebecca Newton
Michele Dubow
Kathleen Ferguson
Howard Wood
Richard Milward
Alastair Browne
Stephen Barefoot
Jeffrey Moore
Elijah Bernstein-Cooper
Rachel Shotwell
Barb Smalley
James Evans
Francis Trowbridge
Zoë Englander
Jessica Levasseur

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