Chewlius Caesar was quite happily ruling the seven dams of Rome way back in 46 BCE when, with a blinding flash of light, he found himself transported to Fullsteam Brewery in 2020.  Was it a rip in the fabric of time and space caused by naval testing of a new cloaking device in the 40’s?  Was a mysterious police box in the area?  Sadly, we will never know.  The Fullsteam team took one look at him, assumed he was the new hire, and put him to work.  Chewlius spent the next two years brewing Fullsteam’s fine beers, but in the back of his mind he longed for the days of his glorious empire.  One day, he took a walk along the banks of the Ellerbe. Stunned by the natural beauty, he resolved to rebuild his empire on that very spot!  As it turns out, building a glorious empire is expensive, what with inflation being what it is today. (Don’t even get him started on the price of Carrara marble).  As such, Chewlius can be easily persuaded to trade favors for bribes…wait, that’s not right.… for tribute.  Yup, tribute…that’s the word he uses.  Hail, Caesar!

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