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The Beaver Queen Pageant is a fundraiser for the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA) and its mission to preserve and protect and restore a healthy, living Ellerbe Creek watershed. Ellerbe Creek flows for more than 20 miles through Durham to Falls Lake, Raleigh’s water supply. Sadly, the Creek is listed as one of North Carolina’s most polluted streams.

Since 1999, ECWA has protected over 500 acres of land along Ellerbe Creek and its tributary streams, restoring these forgotten and neglected areas into community assets as five public nature preserves of more than 140 acres. One of those nature preserves is the Beaver Marsh and beavers have been found in other spots along the Creek.

ECWA encourages community involvement with Ellerbe Creek and the land alongside it, through workdays, nature hikes, and outreach into schools and neighborhoods that border the creek. The money raised through the Beaver Queen Pageant support ECWA’s long-term goals for the watershed including:

--> Creating an interconnected network of trails and nature preserves linking downtown Durham to Falls Lake,

--> Restoring water quality and habitat in Ellerbe Creek through innovative, scientifically-sound, and proactive approaches to resolving urban water pollution

--> Conserving green spaces for people in the community to enjoy.

Sign up for upcoming volunteer days and learn about more upcoming events at ellerbecreek.org.

You can also email us at info@ellerbecreek.org



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