Chic Ada


Chic Ada is excited to be in town for this year's Beaver Queen Pageant. She heard about it a long time ago but has been operating on cicada time, partying with her Magicicada septendecula brood friends in the forest underground for the last 17 years. They've been laid back, sipping on sap from the Xylem of the trees. Some gossips may say she's shallow, but she has come from some dark depths, and has earned every ounce of her chicness. Some may say she's a little odd, too - they're unsure of her associations, and they think she can be a little eccentric or obtuse. Ada is looking forward to coming out of her shell a little more to explore, but is waiting for just the right moment. Stay tuned for the tea.

All of her friends call her Chic Ada because she is one of the most stylish cicadas around. She has entrancing and penetrating bright red eyes, and rumor has it there's some magic under her shell. Ada is only in town for a short amount of time. You know what they say about time flying, so don't wait to vote for her to be this year's Queen!

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