Clint Eatswood

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Clint has been a busy beaver. A wily outlaw, Clint has so far managed to evade the long tail of the law. He is most wanted for robbing a string of river”banks”. He takes beaver bucks, bitecoin, but not paper checks. He eats those. He’s known for saying “stick ‘em up!” and leaving his calling card-bubbles and homemade stickers?!

Are Clint and his roving gang of fellow “out-lawgers” – the might and bitey beaver banditos – all good? Meh. All bad? Gnaw. All ugl—beaver? Yup!

He is also quick to the draw to lend a paw and help build the local beav-munity log by log, when he’s not backlogged being the outlaw that is.

Clint and his beaver banditos are sure to be out and about enjoying the sunny outdoors, so be sure to say hi.

They are definitely more of the generous Robin-wood types and have been known to share their eclectic loot with others.

So, do you feel lucky? He loves that for you!

Go ahead, make his day…by enjoying nature and community!


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