Not all beavers are created equal. Many spend their entire lives in but a single nether region. However, a select few travel from host region to host region, offering a unique sense of glitz and glamor that can be molded by its host to fit their every need and desire. Nobody embodies this better than Durty Bull’s own Firkin Merkin. The queen of North & Broadway, Firkin Merkin is unique and adaptable, able to aid any and all beavers in their quest for individuality. No one knows for sure whether Durty Bull or Firkin Merkin came first, a true chicken and egg scenario, but one thing is for sure: from sours and stouts in the barrel room to pilsners and pale ales on the patio, every Durty Bull offering has that special touch of Merkin pizazz. Firkin Merkin spent decades in Hollywood, offering their services to beavers across the Hollywood Hills. Barren Stone in Basic Instinct. Beava Green in The Dreamers. Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. All graced our screens accompanied by the elegance of Firkin Merkin. Fortunately for us, Firkin Merkin has returned to the triangle with a singular goal in mind: to crown the 2023 Beaver Queen Pageant winner!

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