Get Your Very Own Hand-made Beaver Tail!

Not feeling like making your own tail this year? Don't worry, we can help you out! Any donations of $100 or more are eligible for a beautiful hand-made beaver tail (while supplies last). If you want to see more detail you can right click over the tail and then "open in new tab". Once you have made your donation of $100 or more, email and let us know which tail you would like and what address we should send it to. 

Tail 1: Country Girl (17 inch)


Tail 2: Royal (23 inch)

Tail 3: Camaflage (20 inch)


Tail 4: Rainbow 1 (28 inch)

Tail 5: Rainbow 2 (28 inch)

6. Silver (25 inch)

Tail 7: I love Purple (25 inch)

Tail 8: Jeans (print, 27 inch)

Tail 9: Flamingos (17 inch)






Peace, Love, Beaver Y'all!

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