Ginger Bite-dis

Ginger Bite-dis
At age 16, Ginger Bite-dis was sworn into the Guild of Tooth Fairies under division 431; otherwise known as the Beaver Division. She had been working as an apprentice for what felt like forever but now she has a chance to make something of herself. Connected with dentists and Teeth Gremlins alike, Ginger is always looking for ways to increase her tooth hoard. 
She’s here to charm the teeth right outta you with her magic baton and killer costume. But of course, nothing is without an ulterior motive. You see, fairies don’t simply get their wings, they earn them. Not only do tooth fairies need a stellar presence, they also need a large amount of teeth. While Ginger might not be setting out to get the crown, she is trying to finally claim the reward she so truly deserves - A spanking brand-new pair of wings.
If you want to help Ginger earn her wings by collecting teeth, real or fake, contact her on instagram at @gingerbite_dis
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