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Introducing Nosferatooth, the enigmatic vampire beaver ready to emerge from the shadows and bask in the spotlight of the Beaver Queen Pageant! Hailing from the dark depths of Beaver Marsh, Nosferatooth has spent centuries honing his skills in stealth, cunning, and, of course, impeccable dental hygiene.Although his nocturnal nature may have kept him hidden from the world for a while, the call of the Beaver Queen Pageant has awakened his desire to step into the limelight and showcase his talents to the world.

Despite his vampiric tendencies, Nosferatooth is anything but your typical creature of the night. Whether he's sculpting sandcastles under the moonlight or attempting to surf the Eno River rapids, Nosferatooth's enthusiasm for beach life knows no bounds and now he’s leaving the comfort of the marsh to live out his Beavwatch dreams.

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