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Ward Beaver

Ward Beaver is a father of two amazing kits, who are growing up faster than he can believe. It feels like just last week, they were knee high to a great blue heron. Keeping them safe and teaching them skills are his top priorities, but that is followed closely by making sure that nobody touches the thermostat in their lodge. During the day, he works as an aquatic engineer, and at night he enjoys reading fairy “tails” to his kits. One time, he even helped by being the bodyguard for a certain Beaver Queen contestant.

Those kits are almost full-grown beavers now though, and they will soon “branch” out and build lodges of their own. Ward wonders what to do with his free time now that his kits can swim and gnaw down trees all on their own. Can he help his community more? Could he follow his musical dreams? Maybe even combine them both? Participating in the Beaver Queen Pageant and helping Ellerbe Creek watershed sounds like an excellent idea!

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